King Emmerson, 0-23 months division

On St.Patrick’s day this year I had the opportunity to judge the All Canadian Pageants‘ Shamrock Pageant in Barrie. The pageant was open to all age groups from just months old to the teen division, with both girls and boys participating.

“We believe the greatest gift you can give your child is self-esteem and self-confidence. In our books, you are a winner the minute you step on our stage. By simply participating we know you will take something positive away with you from this experience,” as stated on the All Canadian Pageants’ website.

Everyone had the chance to win tiaras, gifts and a chance to attend the finals in April. Each participant walked away with something and I loved being a part of pageantry for the next generation. The children were absolutely adorable, especially the boys in their costumes. I hope I will have the opportunity to judge another pageant in the future or help ‘behind the scenes’ offering encouragement and tips.

Beautiful and confident young women in the making!

I think that pageants have a positive effect on children and teach them great¬†transferable¬†skills. Pageants promote self-confidence and teach children how to present themselves in a respectful way. Goal setting is promoted and there can be the same level of competition in a pageant that you may find in a sporting league. Yes, the little girls love to dress up and have their hair done, but it goes deeper than that with the friendships that are formed and the sense of accomplishment each child feels as they bring home a sash or crown. Although there are horrible pageant stereotypes that can be associated with the show Toddlers and Tiaras, many pageants for young age groups are considered “natural” and strongly discourage heavy makeup, tanning, fake teeth etc. I hope that pageants will become more well known for positive attributes and would like to use my title to show people what pageantry is really all about!

Check out the All Canadian Pageants’ Facebook page here for more adorable photos and upcoming events!

My Facebook page also has some more photos from the day, click here!


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