Scary as it seems there are only 33 days left until nationals! So as you can guess… I AM FREAKING OUT! It is so exciting, nerve racking, stressfull, and just plain awesome to know that I will be participating in the Miss Teen Canada-World 2012 pageant in only 33 days!

Ever since i was a little girl I had a dream to be Miss America, to spread world peace and cause an awareness movement for bullying… considering the fact that I am Canadian (and very proud to be) it is quite impossible. When I finally found out that it was possible to be Miss Teen Canada -World I was extatic! I thought to myself “might aswell give it a shot, may not win but it will be fun”. To see how far I have come already is an overwelming feeling that I cannot even express in words, and I hope that many girls like me with big dreams can have a chance like this, to be BOLD, be COURAGIOUS, and BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL!

As far as preparation goes…. I am not even close to ready. There are a milion things to think about and so hard to do one at a time. I think I finaly have a dress, I imagine everyone is going to want to see it. It is super beautiful and sparkly… but you are going to have to wait and tune into the pageant on July 19-22! Also I am going to be presenting awards and acting as a hostess for a childrens pageant in Barrie on the 23rd and 24th at the lower level of the Kozlof Mall, so come out and see all the pretty girls!

Anyways ta-ta for now! -Lolah

Challenge: Go out of your way to help someone, wether its holding a door or carrying groceries!

Random fact: I can balance over 20 spoons on my face… AT ONE TIME!

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  1. Can’t wait to meet you so soon! I hope you are more ready than you were when you wrote this post! 🙂

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