Hey! My name is Lolah Gifford and I am this years title holder of Miss Teen Simcoe County-World 2012! It is a huge honor and privilege to represent my county in the Miss Teen Canada-World 2012 pageant! My platform is anti-bullying and media awareness because an original is worth so much more than a copy.

Some R.E.A.C.H group members

I am a passionate 16 year old from Orillia, Ontario. I am currently a grade 11 student at Patrick Fogarty Secondary School. I am a huge believer in school spirit  and participation. Some of the things that I participate in are: PF R.E.A.C.H, drama club, youth group, retreat leader, and a organization out of school called Change the World-Orillia.  First of all I want to tell everyone a little bit about R.E.A.C.H, it is a humanitarian group that was initiated by five students (I included) that is meant to help improve the conditions in Orillia and teach others to stand up for what they belive in and help others. REACH has become a part of my daily life I eat, sleep,

R.E.A.C.H Mardi Gras party

and breath it! Some of the great things we have done so far are; Mardi Gras party for seniors, food bank volunteering, bake sale for cancer and today had WE DAY for our school! It is something that I am very passinate about and hope that others like me can start up their own groups!

For the past few days I have been acting as a role model and religious retreat leader for grade tens at my school. We have had an absolute blast! We danced and played and overall had a great time. At the end we had a chear off competition my team which was black ( Team Black Dynamite) cheer their hardest and put their differences aside to have fun.

In each of my post you guys will be getting two things 1- a random fact about me and 2-a challenge.

This opening blog post is sponsored by Toronto roof repair company and direct buy Ontario.

My challenge to you is to go and give someone a hand hug. (It is a hive five but when you hit you wrap your thumb around their hand) it is a sweet gesture and someone else will appreciate it.

Hand Hug

Random fact: my favorite hobby is smiling and dancing in public.

So now that you know about me, I want to hear about you! leave a comment or feel free to email me: missteensimcoecounty@hotmail.ca

To hear more about my story and platform tune in weekly for more blog posts!

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