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First and foremost I would like to thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will continue to follow me throughout my journey to nationals! Remember to look under the “About Me” section to your right to like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. I am a social media enthusiast and will be updating regularly on those sites!

What does it take to be a pageant girl? Although there is certain criteria the judges are looking for, the wide variety of girls that I met at the provincial pageant in Ontario and the ones which I have come to know from other provinces, lead me to believe that there is no absolute answer to that question. From my experience, I believe that pageants bring out the best in every girl. Everyone was very encouraging and friendly and the weekend was fun with ample room for personal growth and discovery in the ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

Although I want to change the stigma associated with pageants and boast about the Miss Teen Canada World system, this blog entry is an introduction to myself!

My name is Kayla Karrandjas and I am a seventeen year old student from the small town of Alliston Ontario. Majority of the population in my town are farmers and we have an annual Potato Festival to celebrate their contributions. I enjoy the country and loved having a large backyard to play in when I was younger but as we recently moved to the center of town, I find it much more convenient with only a thirty minute walk to school. (The walk is horrible in the winter months but I don’t complain, the exercise is good!) My high school is also very small with only approximately 1500 students.

I have applied to many large universities in large cities and I am very excited to experience a different way of life this fall. Wish me luck! I hope to become a teacher and place very high importance on education. I have been on the honor role at my school every year and try to balance my classes and extra-curricular activities efficiently. I have been a dancer for my entire life, two years competitively  until this year when I made the decision to stop in order to ensure that I maintained my grades. I have also been a soccer player my entire life and enjoy acting as well. My love for the stage is what inspired me to enter the pageant.

My platform which I am promoting throughout my reign is fitness and healthy active living. I absolutely love yoga as I am able to use my flexibility from dance as well as work on stability and target certain muscle groups. It is harder than it seems! You can check out more of my yoga pictures on my Instagram page here. I will be fundraising at this year’s Everfest (I’ll explain more later) as well as co-MCing the MS walk in my area. I hope to become an inspiration for children, teens and even adults.


That is all for now but I will be posting regularly  so remember to check back soon and follow my pages! Thank you.


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