Signature Towels is famous for making high quality monogrammed towels that are perfect gifts because they convey a personal touch – like they are from someone who really cares about the recipient. With a $250K  budget, actors, cameras and sets etc, I am in charge of creating a thirty second television spot for Signature Towels to market their personalized bath towel. Click on the link and check out what they have to offer!

The Big Idea: Market personalized towels as a versatile product by following the life of various well-known Canadian athletes.

In my opinion, celebrity endorsement of products can be a very effective way to draw an audience and get people talking. The athletes/celebrities I would want to star in my commercial would be Sidney Crosby (hockey), Christine Sinclair (Olympic soccer), Georges St-Pierre (ultimate fighter) and Milos Raonic (tennis). By featuring people from many different sports I hope to have the viewer relate to at least one of them. I believe all of these people act as great role models and definitely make Canada proud with their passion and determination to succeed.

The Breakdown: a look at each scene in the 30second spot.

1) The first scene will feature Sidney Crosby. He is playing in the last seconds of a tied hockey game, skating the puck down the ice. The camera pans out to show the crowd cheering in anticipation then shows a close-up of crosby’s face, looking intense with sweat beading down his face. The camera shows the timer counting down. Crosby’s maneuvers the puck around the other team, shoots, and SCORES as the buzzer sounds! The players are then shown in the locker room after the game congratulating each other. A player slaps Crosby on the back and says “good game”. Finally, the scene ends as Crosby walks out of the showers with the signature bath towel around his waist. The camera does a close up on the embroidered name along the side and Crosby smiles as he is packing up his gear.

Setting/mood: This scene is used to show intensity and adrenaline in the hockey arena. This scene is used first because it is very eye-grabbing and fun. The locker room is fairly bland so that the towel stands out.

2) The second scene features Christine Sinclair. Christine is in the midst of a heated soccer game, sending and receiving passes all over the field. She is tripped by a player on the other team, but stands up and keeps going. The camera shows her being shouldered by other players as well as intricate footwork with the ball. The game ends and her team is shown hugging each other. Camera changes to show Christine relaxing into a bubble bath, her muscles sore. As she looks to get out, she notices her towel is missing. Her mother knocks on the door, brings the towel in and places it beside the tub. Christine sighs in relief and a close up of her hand is shown grabbing the towel where her name is beautifully written.

Setting/mood: This scene is used to show relaxation and personal satisfaction after completing a task. The towels are seen as a product that can be cherished as more than just a material object, and as something that symbolizes comfort and reassurance. The room is lit with candles and beige “spa” tones are used.

3) The third scene features Georges St-Pierre. The signature towel is shown hanging in the washroom as the mirror fogs with steam from the shower running. GSP leaves the washroom with fighting shorts on and the towel around his neck. He looks at himself in the reflection of his trophy-case and does some warm-up punches etc, and says “I got this”. The camera then shows parts of his fight (not too violent) and the final moment when his arm is raised as he is named the winner.

Setting/mood: This scene shows the towels as part of a routine or “pre-game ritual”. This scene is meant to show confidence and preparation. The focal point of the room is the trophies and the embroidery on GSP’s towel is gold to match.

4) The final scene features Milos Raonic. It is winter and he is in a chalet with some friends. His friends are watching replays of Raonic’s latest tennis match on t.v. when he enters and says “come on guys, lets go for a dip!” The friends are shown entering an outdoor hottub where they laugh and have a good time until it is time to get out. Each person grabs their personalized towels and wraps up in them. One friend remains in the tub without a towel, calling to the others to get him one. “Milos got these for us” they tell him as they show their names on the towels. Raonic enters the scene carrying the towel for his friend and says “don’t worry buddy, I got one for you too”. He leaves the towel on the chair my the door, a fair walk from the hot tub and says “but you have to come get it!” The friends go back inside, laughing and the camera zooms in on the signature towel as the brand name/logo appear on the screen.

Setting/mood: This scene shows the towels as part of a fun time with friends. The towels can be a part of the athletes’ lives on their off-season. The scene is set outdoors during the winter to show that the towel can be used for a variety of things and to enhance the Canadian

Overall, I think this idea would work very well to sell the personalized towels and further commercials could be made with the separate athletes interacting and bonding because they realize they both have the towels. I would like to thank Signature Towels for sponsoring the MTCW pageant. For more information on any of their products including personalized towels, bath towels, or golf towels, please visit their website and check out their blog site which I found very informative!

Thank you for reading!

Written by: Kayla Karrandjas
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