Today we hit the stage with the most tragical comedy of Romeo and Winnifred in 2 and half acts!

Some call me a drama geek, others call me a drama queen, some just call me crazy! But whatever I am called it is quite plain to see my passion for theater. A few years back I auditioned for a small production in elementary school not realising that it would lead to a burning passion! Starring in about 10+ plays, musical productions and variety shows the most recent being on stage at this very moment!

Romeo and Winnifred is a HILARIOUS parody of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, with a cast of over 50 (quite large) we have had our ups and our downs and have finally made it to the final stand point!

R & W most of the cast!

I myself playing Fetuchini in Romeo & Winnifred (a tomboy “spicegirl”) act as a choral speaker to guide the audience through the play, also switching roles I become a lovely “J-Shore” character embracing my inner guidette!

J-Shore Girls R & W

 Some other productions I have participated in are: Little Women as Aunt March, Beauty and the Beast as a Silly Girl and Music Man JR as the constable the conductor and a pick-a-little lady!


Beauty and the Beast Silly Girls

A silly girl I was! And quite silly indeed! One of my personal favorite roles. The six girls and I became thick as thieves throughout the progression of the play trailing Gaston and truly embracing our character! not a day goes by I don’t miss practice with this great group of people!


 Random Fact: Pitsburg Penguins are the best team.

Challenge: To introduce yourself to someone new!

Peace out! – Lolah

Written by: Lolah Gifford

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Hi Lolah. Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about your Big Mac habit and I hope you don’t regret that someday. This post should be categorized as ‘Theatre Performances’ and it should have half a dozen keyword tags to help people find it in search engines. The pictures should be bigger – you can make pictures fit the frame easily in visual editor by simply clicking on them / activating them so the little squares appear all around the frame and dragging them larger (from the corners) to fit the space available. Try it – your posts will be that much more attractive.

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