I will be dedicating some of my blog posts to my platform which is fitness and healthy active living. As a student in high school managing homework, a part time job and extra-curricular activities, I understand the struggle that many teens and young people have with making healthy eating choices and making time to exercise. There are times when my meals are based on convenience and not how healthy or nutritious the food really is. Although I would like to spend time planning and prepping my meals for the week on a Sunday, I realistically know that will not happen. I am very motivated and dedicated to my health and fitness but I can also be very lazy. This is why my posts are not going to be directed to someone who has copious amounts of free time on their hands or someone who is looking for a dramatic lifestyle change. I am looking to provide tips, recipes and workout routines which are easy and quick and will ultimately result in a healthier you!

10 Easy Tips to Becoming the Best ‘You’

1. Do NOT Drink Your Calories, Opt for Water!

As amazing as carbonated drinks are, they are filled with sugar and calories galore! As you probably know, water is the best way to hydrate but it can get boring very fast. Limit yourself to real fruit juices or try flavored water to spice things up. Drink a glass of water in the morning to start your metabolism, flush out toxins and keep your skin glowing. (Invest in a reusable water bottle, unlike in the photo.)

2. Sleep

8-10 hours of sleep every night is ideal. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, weekends included! This way you will always wake up feeling fully rested and motivated to take on another day.



3. Look at the Ingredients 

Know what you are putting into your body! Natural foods that you make yourself are always better than pre-processed foods. Try introducing new foods to your meals such as kale, quinoa or tofu.


4. Everything in Moderation

As tempting as it may be to eat that entire bag of chips or popcorn, use a bowl to limit how much you are eating. Check the bag for a serving sample so you can accurately know how many calories you are consuming.

5. Make the Healthy Options Available

You cant expect to make healthier choices when they are nowhere to be found in your house right? Grocery shop for fruits and vegetables, the more colour the better. Snacking healthy will make such a difference in the long run. You’ll feel better and have more energy from eating an apple rather than a chocolate bar. If you know you are going to be hungry later, bring some food with you from home to avoid buying fast food.

6. Exercise

This does not mean you have to have a gym membership! Consider your level of fitness and set a small goal that is attainable. Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, walk for fifteen minutes every day, ride your bicycle to the store instead of driving. There are many excellent and quick workout videos that can be done at home. I personally enjoy doing yoga after school because it is a good way to release stress from the day and does not leave me too fatigued to make it through the night. Research and find what works for you!

7. Do Not Pollute Your Body

Smoking and or excessive drinking takes a toll on your health and can make it much harder to reach your fitness goals. Quit smoking and drink in moderation to ensure you are making the most of your hard work!

8. Find Support

A friend or family member who has relatively the same goals as you can act as the motivation you need to keep going. Now you are not only working for yourself, but someone else as well. Take turns researching new healthy recipes every week or putting together a weekly circuit.

9. Socialize in Healthier Ways

Plan to do something active with your group of friends. Try a yoga class together, go bowling or for a walk in the park. Invite friends over and have a healthy dinner party or pot luck instead of eating out. Plan to hangout at times that do not coincide with meal time so you will not feel the urge to buy fast food.

10. Remember Your Mental Health

Becoming healthy involves a lot of hard work that will not be easy if you are dealing with many other problems in your life. Find a way to deal with stress such as talking to someone or meditating to be sure that you are ready to push your body and accomplish the goals you are setting for yourself.

Thanks for reading, please comment with YOUR tips, I am by no means an expert and love learning. Feel free to send me a message on Facebook or Twitter with any fitness or health questions you have. Thank you!


Written by: Kayla Karrandjas

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